1. RP Favorites

      Tired of playing terrible maps and gametypes? Below I present to you some of my personal favorite pieces of content out there. Keep an eye out on the blog to watch for new additions. Keep in mind this isn't a group of featured maps... these are maps that I personally recommend to people who enjoy custom games. If you don't like one of them, then try checking out another one. Some of these may not be perfect, but I can guarantee that I had a blast on them and hopefully you will too. Enjoy peepz!

      Conventional Maps

      This category is for those conventional maps that cover Slayer, CTF, KOTH, Assault, and all of those other base competitive gametypes.

      [11/10/10] Index by I Timothy I
      [11/15/10] Megiddo by Forgotten Wing
      [12/03/10] Crucible by UrM4mm4
      [12/05/10] Theemin by Capton Furgler

      Casual Maps

      This category is for things like infection, Conquest, race, and other very casual for fun maps and casual gametypes.

      [11/08/10] No Hope Campaign by rifte gifle
      [01/02/11] Vistage by Jonzorz 124

      Mini Games

      This category is for those one-of gametype/map combinations that make a great, fun, unique, and innovative games.

      [10/25/10] The Blood Bowl by Prodigious 7K