1. Scipi Signing On

      written by Thomas Stone
      Ray's Note: Woohoo! Another programmer to work with. I've known Thomas for a while thanks to sir David Cobb. Excited to work with Thomas. He already seems very competent and capable of growing his skillset. This will give us both the opportunity to explore design principles and patterns, while building from the ground up. And Thomas being an AI developer, he covers a very important part of the project that I haven't even take the time to delve into. Perhaps one day... regardless, Thomas will be quite the asset moving forward. Welcome to the team bro!
      The introduction of the team's most recent programmer.
    1. Building Foundations

      written by Marc Hughley
      Short update this week friends, we're in the throes of preparation for something... greater.
    1. Down, but not Out

      written by GodlyPerfection
      Crickets... never a good sign. We are two days overdue for a blog post, considering our goal is at least one every seven days. Not entirely anyone's fault, just a series of unfortunate events. Next time though, I'll get on Ryan. ;)
    1. Greetings from Ryan!

      written by Debaubau
      Ray's going to edit this later! :)
      Ray's Note: He's right I am editing this now. I've had a bad past coupe weeks and I regret not having had the time to edit this earlier. Ryan will be more than just a valuable asset to this team. I understand the huge importance and attention to detail that marketing takes. Ryan makes my job easier by wearing one of my favorite hats while I focus on other things. Thanks for all you've done already Ryan, and here's to the future.
    1. Of Ostriches and High Explosives

      written by ASpace Ostrich
      Ray's Note: Jack's email came with a familiar forum name. I didn't think that we were going to be getting a 3D modeler/animator. Animators are hard to come by. We got lucky and I look forward to things to come. Especially since I wasn't looking forward to learning animation myself. *shudders* Glad to have him on the team. RECRUITING AN ARMY!!! ;)

      The twisted ramblings of a 3D guy. Read on to learn more about me, and groan at my terrible jokes.
    1. Jack of All Trades, Master of One

      written by Marc Hughley
      Ray's Note: Marc was the first person to really work with me on a team for game dev. It was a trip, involving lots of coordination and learning as we went. I'm happy to have him on the team working on the design of Aggro once more. His past experience with the game will prove valuable. Happy to have him aboard.

      Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gamers of all ages, I'm Marc (or Gnappy if you prefer) and I am very much pleased to introduce- Myself.
    1. The Return of noklu

      written by noklu
      Ray's Note: Welcome to one of the several new members of the Aggro Tactics team. We call ourselves, Irrelephant Games. Riki is mostly our creative lead, but does other things as well. I'm too technical and mechanical for that sort of work. ;) Glad to see some activity on this damn blog again.
      I originally wrote an insipid opening paragraph to this post. It was bloated with its egotism. Which implies I am bloated with my own ego. Thankfully, though, I puncture it with absolutely lucid sincerity. And I guess that’s what writing is: a series of bloated paragraphs followed by the clarity of the delete key till you’re left with a few good words. Or maybe it's like sculpting: the mason removes bad stone to reveal the art within. But I don’t know. I don’t really know that much, anyway. I can sometimes do things and, even rarer, I can sometimes think I can do those things. And that’s the first reason why I am back here in the blogging seat of RP.